Artists whose work haunts & sometimes taunts me.



Edward Hopper, restrained power

Peter McCardle neat stuff!

M.J. Heade, his late flower still lives are incredible in person.

Rackstraw Downes in some ways a role model for me… since attending a lecture of his in the early 80’s and meeting him I have thought long & hard about the things he said and his work.  I didn’t change my style right away or anything but his work stayed with me, and worked on me gradually, but inevitably.

Mary Cassat master of composition, and rare ability to paint children as people, not sweet little objects.

Jerome Witkin makes me think… “I wish I had painted that.”Jenny Saville, painterly painter

James McNiel Whistler, love his combativeness, his relentlessness, his soft serenity.

The Buds:  Marcus Bohne, Douglas Schermer, Brad L. Thompson, Frank Picini, Larry Philippe, Anthony Guidice, David Niehaus, Lita Kenyon, Pamela Lenk, Jeff Hand, Tom, Pete, Mike Ruble, Charlie Currie, & Eric Purves.

Degas, the hand
Ernest Trova
 Falling manVictor Wang, powerful stuff

Tiepolo, father and son, few ever drew as well.

William (Bill) J. Williams ( Art Mentor)
Fire dancer, pain weilder, kind gentle patient teacher.

Lucien Freud, brought the thoughtful portrait back from the grave.

Jasper Johns, I just love his solid brushwork and low humming color.

John Singer Sargent, just look at his landscapes up close, once.

Edward Knippers, true courage

Rembrandt, Duh

Tim Folzenlogen, hard headed painterliness.

John Constable, The king of clouds

 Cynthia Westwood
weird way of capturing thoughtfulness.

Joaquin Sorolla, now he could paint light.

 Robert Longo
twist and shout

Peter Paul Rubens, no one ever drew better.

 Anselm Kiefer
Man his paintings, landscapes, walk off the wall.

Titian, Duh

 Janet Fish courageous thoroughness.
Patient with young pups in person. (me)

Jackson Pollock, Blue poles knocked my socks off.


Dekooning his landscapes make me float on air

William (Bill) Williams-the language of composition, layers of meaning, feel the heat.

Berthe Morrisot snaping, snarling brush

Sidney Larsen-taught me it was ok to love art

Thomas Hart Benton,
the composer

Frank Stack- test ideas through series

George Caleb Bingham the greatest self taught draftsman ever.

Ben & Brooke Cameron-art is happiness

Thomas Eakins, clear, complete, thoughtful, yet oh so human.

Jerry Bernesche-a rare example of goodness, patience & humility.

Winslow Homer, Knew nature like no other man.

L. Rugolo-“layers of color is the key”

Jan Vermeer, duh

Dr. Arthur Berndston (aesthetics)

Richard Diebenkorn his layered color with subtle electric sparks

Dr. Vera Townsend (art history)

DeChirico, love his use of perspective

Mr. Zolnowski-how to think clearly and debate strongly.

George Inness, oh man are you kidding me?

Roger Powers-first exposed me to art
& probably saved my life.

Francis Bacon, composition man


George Bellows, power

Artists whom I think are overrated:
 Some…. Way, Way Way, overrated.

Robert Henri, snap

John Baldesarri

Hans Hoffman, duh

John Michael Basquait

Wayne Thiebaud graphic painterliness, draftsmanship

Francesco Clemente

Frans Hals confident brushwork

 Hans Haacke

F.E. Church Don’t knock it until you see it in person

 Naim June Paik

Edvard Munch, weirdness

 Jeff Koons

Marsden Hartley, tactile color

 Bruce Nauman

Maynard Dixon, strong solid architectural brush work,

 Brice Marin

Chardin, texture & self restraint.

 Damien Hurst

Claude Monet his textures are what really hooked me in person

 Andres Serrano

Rockwell Kent, xray colors in a “normal” landscape

R. B. Kitaj, literature & art collide

Movements & Artists I am encouraged by:

Mondrian, cool passion

 The New Leipzig School

Kandinsky, music & art melt into one


Fairfield Porter, restraint in a time of excess

 New Realism

Joseph Albers, color

 Post-Contemporary Painting

Rodin, DUH

 Cecily Brown

Ivan Albright, oooh man those are some spooky paintings.

 Ulrich Lamsfub, ocasionally

Giacometti, love, I mean love the way he draws.


Alice Neel, cuts into the soul of the sitter.


R. Rauschenburg RIP