Hypothesis:  The Arts as prime container & expresser of compressed tacit knowledge.

The Arts (in their largest sense) embody the ageless & universal living language of the human mind, the deep prime language of thought and of dreams.  Since we began the Arts have been humankinds method of containing & transmitting compressed tacit knowledge.  Thus my view that Helen Dissanyake’s term Homo-Aestheticus is more accurate than the conventional term Homo-Sapien-Sapien for modern humans, us.

 [NOTE: There have nearly always been everyday functionalities layered within the Arts; generally, the crafts have maintained their everyday functions.  All of the arts have retained a degree of functionality even in this era of faceted & tenuous social & aesthetic structure, even when the function is ephemeral, vague or intentionally not apparent.]

The Artist, by developing a refined ability to tap into the prime & primal language of the mind and encapsulate elements of tacit knowledge, learns to make hyper-containers of understanding, a coherent whole, uniquely crafted in their details by each individual, universal within the spiraling latticework of the fundamental structure of human interior knowledge.


This language, the core of self-consciousness and the central manifestation of the subconscious, is born as the mind forms in the womb.  The foundations are finished sometime in early childhood (where common primal experiences are the first building blocks of understanding).  These sensory blocks of experience become multi-media hieroglyphs carved on the cave walls of self.   The artist speaks to us first and best by tapping in to the flow of this language and communicating directly from one to another self.  This then is the source of Arts power and the reason for the influence it wields in a diluted state as mass marketing, pop music, paperback romances, and so on.  It is also the reason societies spend a great deal of time, talent, & treasure making, enjoying and caring for these hyper-containers of the deep interior well of emotional texture within every human life.

F. A. Alsbach (all copy and reproduction rights reserved)